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We're Unstoppable Women in Middlescence
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SecondActWomen is your very own biz+life membership club or—as we say—a sisterhood of "middlescent" women reimagining our lives even when corporate, society, and others say we're over. News flash: #womendontexpire. We're hiring ourselves by starting companies, changing careers entirely, and boldly living life on our terms.

"What do I want to do when I grow up?"
We know some have asked themselves this, while others may already know what they want to do at this chapter. At SecondActWomen, we're simply giving you a leg up with expert-led workshops, courses, and events filled to the brim with the right tools and resources to advance your business, launch your encore career, or design your own future.

Don't go it alone.
Turn to Your Community of Women 40+
We'll get you where you're going a wee bit quicker
We're your biz+life advisers and co-founders of SecondActWomen ... and girl, we've been exactly where you are today--whether you're in business for yourself, working for a company, or trying to figure out your "what next." Gendered ageism is alive and living large and we're working to give women like you the leverage needed to thrive in middlescence. Working together, you can and you will get you where you want to be at 40 and 50+.
--Barbara, 55 and Guadalupe, 48
Our community is here to help you...
  • take the guesswork out of boost business, start another career or new life at 40 and 50+.
  • make building your business and new career fun, collaborative, and meaningful; and
  • share your story with the world through our digital channels.
Our Three Steps Help Elevate Your Biz+Life
Saving you time and research, our membership offers the right programs, done-for-you tools and encouragement to "grow by"
Step 1: Take a class
Workshops, boot camps, conferences. Grab a seat at our expert-led professional and personal development events to get clear on what needs to be done to build a sustainable business, career, and life at 40+.
Step 2: Do the work
Tools to activate goals. Get relevant content, downloadable workbooks, on-demand videos, and human capital sources to work on the goals you've set during the development events and programs.
Step 3: Collaborate
Support to get you there. Hear and share your work, ideas, and real stories. Join our collaborative subgroups and get advice from women like you to inspire and support your goals.
Join our Membership Club of Unstoppable Women Like You
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Join our Insider membership and tap into our private space chock-full of peer-to-peer small business, career and life events, tools, resources, convos and networks.

Sign up today and grab a ton of perks, special offers, and more! Plus, we'll mail you our signature graphic tee when you sign up as a new member.

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Become a SecondActWomen member today and join hundreds of other women ready to do work, business and life on their terms. Plus, a graphic tee when you sign up.
Curated Events, Courses and Socials

Ivette Flower, 48


Laura Rubin, 49


Chelle Johnson, 54

Facebook Welcomes SecondActWomen into the Meta Family
Out of 14,000 Facebook communities, SA|W made the top 31 to take part in their business accelerator program. Together, with our business coaches at Facebook and Founder Gym, we're doing the work to build a strong global second act community.
Next Avenue Recognizes
SecondActWomen as 2021 Influencers in Aging
Since 2015, Next Avenue, an online media platform that's part of the PBS system, has recognized influencers advocating for age positivity. This year, the Co-founders of SA|W joined this distinguished list of honorees.
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Sister, You're Fire

No other time in history, have we been this important to the bottom line.

Women over 40...

  • Earn $100K ave. income
  • Hold 70-80% of purchasing power 
  • Open 1,220 businesses  each day (w40+)
  • Boast 60% share of personal wealth in U.S.
  • Own the future
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Join our digital tribes! We are connecting women wherever they are in the world and we're serving up a safe space for deep convos, information, tips, and trends for us -- women 40 & 50+. Oh, and we have a very private, exclusive community on Facebook for our members.

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"Women supporting women, especially in a generation left to fend for themselves, creates a powerful force of unstoppable females."
Barbara Brooks, 55, Founder & CEO of SecondAct|Women

SecondActWomen is a subsidiary of Bloom+Co Presents, a minority- and female-owned company.

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